Curriculum and electives - (2024)

Curriculum and electives - (1)

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The curriculum of every study programme consists of compulsory and optional components. Most Bachelor's and a number of Master's programmes allow you to take elective courses. Perhaps you'd like to immerse yourself in a different field of study to your main programme, at the UvA or even at another university. Or maybe you'd like to do an internship or study abroad. Find out what the options are.

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What is your study programme?

  • Honours programme

    The Honours programme gives you the opportunity for a broader and more in-depth study experience. Do you wish to further develop your talents? Consider joining our Honours programme.

  • Internships

    Internships can take place during or after your Bachelor's or Master's programme. The internship is usually an elective or extracurricular. For some degree programmes, the internship is compulsory.

  • Study abroad

    Push your boundaries by studying at a university abroad, doing an internship or research project abroad or attending a summer school. You can use this unforgettable experience to enrich your studies, improve your career prospects and develop yourself.

  • Becoming a teacher

    From a minor to a Master's, the UvA offers various options (in Dutch) if you're considering becoming a teacher in a primary or secondary school.

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Curriculum and electives - (2024)


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