Louise Ogborn Spanking (2024)

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  • Background · Ogborn Wins Lawsuit

  • Louise Ogborn is a Mount Washington, Kentucky resident who gained national attention after being stripped naked, spanked, and sexually humiliated by her employers while working at McDonald's. The entire three-hour incident was captured on videotape by an overhead security camera.

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  • Getting my dick sucked while she gets eaten out · dild*1 255.7K Views. Chubbie girl passed out and gets a creampie. 01:00.

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Louise Ogborn - Spanking | MOTHERLESS.COM ™

3. McDonald's employee gets $6.1 mn for strip search hoax

  • Oct 6, 2007 · Louise Ogborn, who was 18 at the time of the strip search, sued McDonald's for failing to warn its employees of the persistent trickster ...

  • A US jury has awarded $6.1 million to a McDonald's employee who was strip searched in a hoax that had been played on dozens of fast food restaurants across the country, local media reported.

McDonald's employee gets $6.1 mn for strip search hoax

4. Louise Ogborn - McDonalds UNCENSORED Stripsearch_.avi

Louise Ogborn - McDonalds UNCENSORED Stripsearch_.avi

5. Where Is Louise Ogborn Now? Here's What We Know - Distractify

  • Dec 19, 2022 · Finally, Nix was told to spank Ogborn, which he did for 10 minutes before performing a sexual act on her. While this was happening, Summers ...

  • Netflix revisits the harrowing story of the strip-search caller in 'Don't Pick up the Phone.' Louise Ogborn was one of his victims. Where is she today?

Where Is Louise Ogborn Now? Here's What We Know - Distractify

6. Louise Ogborn - I Can't Believe It's NonFiction

  • Nov 3, 2020 · He also spanked her. 2000-A manager at a McDonald's in Kentucky stripped for a customer. The employee was told that the man was a sex offender ...

  • On April 9, 2004, a call came into the Mount Washington, Kentucky McDonald’s restaurant. A man introduced himself as Officer Scott to the assistant manager, Donna Summers. Mount Washington McDonald…

Louise Ogborn - I Can't Believe It's NonFiction

7. Restaurant Shift Turns Into Nightmare - NoSpank.net

  • Nov 10, 2005 · At one point on the video, Ogborn was "spanked" for almost 10 full minutes. "He told me I was asking too many questions, so he was told to hit ...

  • Nov. 10, 2005 — - Louise Ogborn was always willing to take on extra shifts at McDonald's in Mount Washington, Ky. Ogborn's mother had health problems and had recently lost her job, so the 18-year-old did whatever she could to help make ends meet.

8. Full Louise Ogborn security footage leaked! - Eyes on Final Fantasy

  • Oct 18, 2007 · I'm afraid Louise Ogborn has already taken my birthday spankings in my place. Tsk Tsk! Don't say that....there are much more spankings to be ...


9. [FILM] “It's an essential parable of human gullibility. How much can ...

  • Sep 3, 2012 · But the spanking? That's the point in the ... Dockery hugged Ogborn and tried to console her ... Louise Ogborn had been in the back office ...

  • definitely reinforced my misanthropic nature. disturbing, to say the least. why do people not QUESTION sh*t?  It takes courage to challenge the status quo—whatever and whenever that may be. _…

[FILM] “It's an essential parable of human gullibility. How much can ...

10. Strip search phone call scam/prank - Lowyat Forum

  • Jul 10, 2016 · ... Louise Ogborn, a woman who was currently on duty at the restaurant. Ogborn had just turned 18 years old. The "police officer" demanded that ...

  • Anybody remember this case? The Mount Washington scam UFXeXK3szOk On April 9, 2004, a call was made to a McDonald's restaurant in Mount Washington, Kentucky. According to assistant manager Donna Summers, the caller identified himself as a policeman, "officer Scott." The caller gave Summers a vague description of a slightly-built young white woman with dark hair, who was suspected of theft.Summers believed the description provided was that of Louise Ogborn, a woman who was current...

Strip search phone call scam/prank - Lowyat Forum

11. Louise Ogborn wtf?!? - Boards.ie

  • Oct 9, 2007 · ... spanking for putting up with that. 0. Jigsaw Registered Users Posts: 1,508. 10-10-2007 2:05am. Utter stupidity. I sympathise with ...

  • Has this been posted before?! video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFXeXK3szOk discussion:

Louise Ogborn wtf?!? - Boards.ie

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  • Censored security camera still of Louise Ogborn being spanked. Famous historical spankings · LondonFetishScene · Spanking club · Spanking party · BDSM club ...

  • This page lists existing and wanted articles about spanking-related news and events, both from mainstream media and from the spanking scene.

Louise Ogborn Spanking (2024)


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