What does 5 o mean? (2024)

What does 5 o mean?

“Five-o” referred to the Hawaiian police force in the show, based on Hawaii being the fiftieth state to join the union. Though inaccurate, as Hawaiian police officers in real life have no such designation, the nickname became popular among fans and is still used to refer to police across the country to this day.

What is the 5 O slang?

five-o (uncountable) (US, slang, street slang) The police.

What is the meaning behind five O?

The term originates from the 1960's-70's television show "Hawaii Five-0," about an elite force of police in the 50'th state, hence 5-0. On the show the cops would announce themselves, saying "police, five o!" And from there the term became widely adopted as a way to announce the presence of police.

What does it mean to be 5 O?

Five-O, an American slang term for law enforcement. Hawaii Five-O (1968 TV series), an American television police drama airing from 1968 to 1980.

How did five O get its name?

The series' title actually was an homage to Hawaii being the 50th state of the U.S.A. Hawaii Five-O used the numerals as the fictional police division on the show. Over the year, the term came to be used as code for police in general.

What does O girl mean in slang?

An expression of delight and joy, or, sarcastically, dismay, resignation, frustration, or annoyance.

Why is cops called 12?

According to one theory, the term is derived from the police radio code 10-12, which stands for "stand by" or "wait". This code was used in the 1960s and 1970s, and people started using the 12 slang to refer to cops.

Who was the original Five O?

Detective Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord) heads up Hawaii Five-O, a special division of the state police tasked with bringing down organized crime on the islands. The Five-O team works with local police from time to time on individual cases, and McGarrett's nemesis is crime kingpin Wo Fat.

What does 10 four mean?

Ten-codes, especially "10-4" (meaning "understood") first reached public recognition in the mid- to late-1950s through the popular television series Highway Patrol, with Broderick Crawford. Crawford would reach into his patrol car to use the microphone to answer a call and precede his response with "10-4".

What does 5 5 mean slang?

Five by five is a slang adjectival phrase meaning good, fine, all is well. But like Willow in the above quotation, many who use it have no idea where it comes from. But the phrase arises in World War II military jargon. It's a measure of a radio signal's strength and clarity on a scale of one to five.

Is 5 0 too short for a girl?

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, short stature means an estimated final height below 5 feet 3 inches for boys or 4 feet 11 inches for girls. The average height in the United States is 5 feet 8 inches for men and 5 feet 4 inches for women.

Is 5 5 okay for a guy?

A height of 5 feet 5 inches (165 centimeters) for an adult male falls within the average height range in many parts of the world. While it may be considered slightly shorter than the average height in some regions, it is by no means extremely short or significantly below average.

Is being 5 12 a thing?

Have seen possibly two people on Quora who used this kind of measurement, but it actually does not exist. When you are talking in inches, once it hits 5 feet and 12 it automatically becomes 6 feet.

Why are cops called pigs?

According to National Public Radio's A Way With Words, its first use was a general derogatory term for anyone who is disagreeable, overweight or taking more than their share. In 1874, a slang dictionary published in London listed the definition of pig as “a policeman, an informer.

Why do they call cops one time?

Term used in many English speaking countries, used because one looks at the police one time, so not to attract attention.

What does 5 0 stand for in Hawaii 50?

“Five-O” refers to Hawai'i being the 50th State in the Union. Hawai'i had been admitted to the Union only 9 years before the show first aired in 1968. The original series had the letter "O" instead of the number "0" in its title.

What is a oo woo girl?

“Uwu girls” are e-girls who have adopted both the emoticon and its cutesy connotations to an extreme extent, often speaking and acting with exaggerated innocence or with juvenile mannerisms perceived as cute.

What does 0 O mean in texting?

0o, 0_o, and 0.o, a kaomoji emoticon that may refer to shocked, disturbed, or confused.

What does double O mean in texting?

: a close examination or inspection.

What does 10 12 mean in police code?

10-12 Visitors are present (be discrete). 10-13 Advise weather and road conditions. 10-14 Citizen holding suspect. 10-15 Prisoner in custody. 10-16 Pick up prisoner.

What is 10 98 in police code?

Police 10 Codes
CodeGeneral PurposeWalnut Creek, CA
10-98Prison / Jail BreakCompleted Assignment
10-99Wanted / Stolen Indicated
10-101What is Status? (Are you secure?)
10-106Secure (Status is secure)
108 more rows

What does 12 mean in chat?

"12" is a term used by law enforcement to refer to the police. It is derived from the 12th letter of the alphabet, "L" w.

Why is it called Hawaii 50?

The program was shot on location in Honolulu and throughout the island of Oahu–other islands in the state were also used for various scenes. The name of the show is derived from Hawaii being the 50th state of the United States.

What was Hawaii Five-O catchphrase?

Most episodes of Hawaii Five-O ended with the arrest of criminals and McGarrett snapping, "Book 'em." The offense occasionally was added after this phrase, for example, "Book 'em, murder one." In many episodes, this was directed to Danny "Danno" Williams and became McGarrett's catchphrase: "Book 'em, Danno."

How many islands are in Hawaii?

The state of Hawaii officially recognizes only 137 islands in the state which includes four islands of the Midway Atoll. An island in this sense may also include much smaller and typically uninhabited islets, rocks, coral reefs, and atolls.


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