What is 20 in cop slang? (2024)

What is 20 in cop slang?

What's your 20? is part of a system of radio codes called 10-codes. They developed in the late 1930s when police squads began using two-way radio to communicate. One was 10-20, meaning “location.” Asking What's your 20? emerged as a way to seek another's whereabouts.

What is your 20 police code?

Have you ever heard someone ask, “What's your 20?” The term refers to your location. It comes from “10–20” and is part of the Ten Code used by CB radioers, who borrowed and adapted it from the police and emergency services. It seems appropriate to use this question to kick off my first column in the year 2020.

What does a 20 mean in slang?

I understand the expression to have a twenty on someone - which means to know their location.

What is the meaning of 20?

twen·​ty ˈtwent-ē plural twenties. : a number equal to two times 10 see number. twenty adjective or pronoun.

Why do they say 20?

10-20 is code for "Where are you?" Just like 10-4 is "Acknowledged". This got shortened to 20 meaning location, so people in the real world will say "What's your 20?" and is also common in radio speak too.

What does 10-20 mean in police code?

10-19 Return/returning to the station. 10-20 Location? 10-21 Telephone:______ 10-21a Advise home that I will return at ______. 10-21b Phone your home.

What does a 10-20 mean?

It's a question that can be answered easily, actually. We took inspiration from CB Radio slang. In fact, the following is from CBSlang.com: If you hear a truck driver say “10-20” on their CB radio, it's just another way to say “Your current location.”

What does dirty 20 mean?

Anytime you get a score of 20 that you didn't roll. Like if you roll an 18 on a check and you have a +2 modifier, giving you 20. That would be a 'dirty 20'

What is 20 also called?

20 (twenty; Roman numeral XX) is the natural number following 19 and preceding 21. A group of twenty units may also be referred to as a score. ← 19.

What does 20 for 20 mean?

What does 20/20 vision mean? 20/20 vision is normal vision acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet. If you have 20/20 vision, you can see clearly at 20 feet what should normally be seen at a distance.

What does 20 mean love?

Angel number 20 has a significant meaning for love. It urges you to embrace the power of love and to be open to new experiences and new relationships. It encourages you to find balance in your love life and to let go of any negative emotions that may be holding you back.

What does 2 20 mean spiritually?

Indeed, 02:20 is a harbinger of good news, and it is also a sign of great fortune. Your patience may have paid off and your efforts are beginning to bear fruit. The good news also concerns the sentimental level for those who hope to meet true love. The announcement also affects personal life in certain situations.

What is the meaning of 20 plus?

"20 plus" or "50 plus" usually means that the number is close to that, for example, 23.

What does 15 will get you 20 mean?

There used to be a crass saying in the dating world of young men that “fifteen will get you twenty.” The meaning was that if you were dating a 15-year-old, she was young enough to earn you jail time – the equivalent of 20 years worth – if her parents wanted to press statutory rape charges.

What does 10 4 mean military?

Message received; OK; acknowledged

The term "10-4," along with its meaning, is part of the "ten code" terms used in law enforcement, the military, and truck driver communications. "10-4" is used to confirm that certain information has been received and will be taken into account.

Does 20 mean location?

What's your 20? is part of a system of radio codes called 10-codes. They developed in the late 1930s when police squads began using two-way radio to communicate. One was 10-20, meaning “location.” Asking What's your 20? emerged as a way to seek another's whereabouts.

Why are cops called 50?

“5-0” (pronounced five-oh) became a popular nickname after the television show Hawaii Five-O which aired from 1968 to 1980. “Five-o” referred to the Hawaiian police force in the show, based on Hawaii being the fiftieth state to join the union.

Does 10 7 mean dead?

Police officer retirement

Often when an officer retires, a call to dispatch is made. The officer gives a 10-7 code (Out of service) and then a 10-42 code (ending tour of duty).

What is a code blue in police?

A Blue Alert is activated when a violent attack on a law enforcement officer has occurred and poses an imminent threat to law enforcement or the general public.

What does rubber duck mean in CB talk?

Rubber Duck: A rubber duck is a trucker, often a rookie, who is still learning the ropes. Bear: Another term for a police officer. Chicken Coop: A weigh station where trucks are required to stop and be weighed. Hammer down: To drive as fast as possible. Out of the Side: To leave the CB channel or sign off.

What does 42 mean in CB talk?

CB Radio Code and Lingo at CB World
CB TerminologyMeaning or Translation
FingerprintUnloading a trailer yourself.
Flip-FlopA U-turn or return trip.
FMAn AM/FM radio.
42Yes, or OK.
204 more rows

What does the dirty 30 mean?

Dirty 30, as we informally refer to it, is a phase and stage in life where people, especially women, are supposed to have found themselves enough to start the walk towards 40. The dirty three zero is a realisation age, unapologetically. Now let's have this interesting conversation about sex on the third floor.

What does Brown mean in drug slang?

The practice of cutting heroin with other substances often changes the color and texture of the drug. Often, the pure white powder turns brownish, leading to slang terms like brown and brown sugar. There are also some common processing methods for heroin that cause a very distinct appearance.

What is 5 20 slang?

520 originally started as a slang word used by the Chinese online as a shortcut to say I love you in Chinese, like ILY in English. It then came to be associated with the date May 20th (5.20), which became a very romantic day!

What is a score in drug terms?

If someone scores drugs, they buy them illegally. [informal] Me and my mate went to score a kilo of amphetamine. [ VERB noun] [Also VERB]


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