Package stuck at airline reception - Q & A (2024)

Airline Reception (4 replies)

Hi, my package has been stuck at Shanghai Airline Reception since 6th September. Can you help?

LY924300185CN (2 replies)

My package has been stuck on ‘airline reception’ since November 16th & I haven’t heard anything since. Can you tell me what airline reception means and where my package is at?

Tracking number: LY924300185CN

Package LV827387188CN from china stuck in airline reception for 2 days now (0 reply)

Hello so I’ve ordered something from china and the tracking was fine, I’ve got updates on LV827387188CN where it was but now it says it’s still in airline reception and haven’t updated for almost 2 full days, can you look into this for me? Getting a little worried.

Package stuck at airline reception  - Q & A (2024)


What does airline receiving mean? ›

Parcel shows:Airline receives/ Airline departure/Handed over to the carrier for transportation: This status means your parcel is waiting for flights/boats or has already in flights/boats or just arrived at destination country and waiting for dealing now.

Why is my parcel still in transit? ›

But what does “stuck in transit” actually mean? To put it simply, it means that the delivery is taking longer than usual due to a number of factors, such as weather delays, split shipments, or even a lost package.

What does it mean when a package arrived at the airport? ›

It means that it's arrived in your area at a large sorting location such as an airport. It is then sent to the local delivery station and then delivered to you.

Do airlines deliver packages? ›

Our Priority Parcel Service (PPS) is designed to give your small parcel shipments and beloved animals the highest priority possible. PPS gets your shipments with a maximum weight of 100 lbs and 90 total inches (H x W x L) in size onto the next flight out from more than 150 stations around our network.


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